Rabota V EU - I`m pleased with the services of www.rabotaveu.com

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I am pleased with the services of www.rabotaveu.com.They are European job agency providing work to non-european sitizens.

I was with them 6 months ago, luckily all worked fine for me. I can't hide that I had some doubts in the beginning but when I saw things happening for me I forgot all and cooperated with whatever was necessary for me to do. Now I am working in a health care institution in Dublin with visa.

The job id well paid and accommodation is provided too.I miss my family and my friends, but live here is better and I hope to stay here.

Rabota V EU - Job in Ireland

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Hi, I`m Darhana and I`m from India, but now I live in Ireland.A year ago I applied for a job as a caregiver through one company.

They located my employer and help the through the whole time. Their web site is www.rabotaveu.com . If you are searching for a reliable job agency you may contact them too. In the beginning I had some doubts.

But I decided to try, because life in my country was hard.

They found good job and I`m thankful for that!I miss my family and my friends but now I can send my children money and help them.

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Hi. Can you tell me more about the procedure and the needed documents? A friend of mine recommended me www.rabotaveu.com and I consider applying through them too.

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